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Transforming complex data into engaging stories

By Tanha Islam

June 9, 2023

Case Studies

Transforming complex data into engaging stories - cs-pharma-1
Transforming complex data into engaging stories - wave-lime-green-1260x540-1
Transforming complex data into engaging stories - wave-lime-green-1260x540-1

A US client in the pharmaceutical industry had a team of about 60 scientists who need to explain complex ideas, processes, and projects as they develop high-value pharmaceutical products. The scientists struggle to simplify their messages and express them in a way less technical audiences can easily understand.

Wavelength was engaged to help the scientists compose and present data to customers in a clear, engaging way. We delivered Telling Stories with Data, a 90-minute webinar, to the client’s scientists. During this is 90-minute session they learned to extract a simple story from complex data, which visuals to use in different situations, how to draw their audience’s attention to key data, and how to state their bottom-line clearly and tie everything back to their customers’ objectives.

More than 80% of participants said that the webinar met their needs and will improve their job performance. Here’s what some of them had to say about their takeaways from the session:

  • It was very interactive which helped solidify the points being made
  • Good tips and tricks for making complex ideas easily digestible.
  • Project team members learned more about the importance of messaging and delivering data to customers and were given tangible examples of how to make those changes.
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