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Language is the fabric of communication, and we find it fascinating. If you feel the same way and want to test your knowledge and skill, try these quizzes.

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Think you know your stuff? Test your skills!

Do you want to improve your vocabulary? Are you confident you can separate language fact from fiction? Do you know how to use prepositions? Find out by taking our quizzes. You’ll have fun and you might learn something new.


Oxford English Dictionary Quiz

  • Online, 5 Minutes

How current is your vocabulary? Do you know what a bibliolater is? Perhaps you’ve heard of “dramality” or “kebab” in contexts that might surprise you.

The Oxford English Dictionary recently added over 1,000 new words, senses, and phrases into its collection. These additions reflect the ever-changing landscape of human expression, capturing the essence of contemporary culture, technology, and social dynamics.

Test your knowledge with our 5-minute quiz featuring some of the latest entries, and discover just how adept you are at navigating the evolving terrain of language.


Spelling Bee

  • Online, 5 Minutes

Think you’re a pretty good speller?

We’ve gathered some of the most commonly misspelled English words we use in our day-to-day business communication. See how many you can you correctly spell.


Choose the Correct Sentence

  • Online, 10 Minutes

Think you know your grammar? Test yourself skills with this quiz.

Do you make any of these ten embarrassing grammar mistakes? Your mistakes might seem minor, but people judge you when you use poor grammar, and your credibility suffers. Try this 5-minute quiz, in which you compare sentences and decide which one is correct. See how you do. If you think your credibility needs a boost, consider improving your writing skills with a grammar refresher. We can help!


Dictionary Game

  • Online, 10 Minutes

How big is your vocabulary? Test yourself to see if you can match these big words to their definitions.

In our communication skills courses, we advise you to avoid big, fancy words at work. But there’s nothing wrong with knowing big words. This 5-minute quiz gives you 13 definitions and asks you to choose the matching word for each one. See how many words you know and how many new words you can add to your vocabulary.


Fact or Fiction

  • Online, 10 Minutes

Do Inuit really have a hundred words for snow? Take this quiz to see if this and other beliefs about language are true or not.

Are you interested in the English language? If so, this 5-minute quiz is for you. We share 11 commonly held beliefs about English, and you decide if they’re correct or not. Have fun and learn something cool about our crazy, fascinating language!



  • Online, 10 Minutes

Are you confident you’re using them correctly? Test yourself!

Prepositions are those little words like to, for, in, above and with. Are you using them correctly? Try this 5-minute quiz to see. Come away with a tip or two to help you improve your business writing skills.

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