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One-to-one training that’s customized for the learner and scheduled at their convenience.

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One-on-one coaching

Coaching is a great option if the learner wants customized training that’s scheduled at your convenience.

We start by assessing the learner’s writing or presentations to determine exactly what is needed. We teach only what’s necessary and help the learner apply their new skills to their own writing or presentations.

Because coaching is so targeted, it tends to take less time. Often, three 2-hour meetings are enough to produce noticeable improvement.

It’s best to separate the meetings by a week to give time to digest and apply the new skills.


  • Only the content that’s needed
  • Schedule when convenient
  • Plenty of personal feedback
  • Comprehensive course manuals, post-coaching reference material and job aids

Only the content that’s needed

Save time by mastering only the skills needed to take presentations or documents to the next level.

A convenient schedule

Fit learning into the schedule that works for your learners. Coaching participants can arrange to meet the coach in two-hour chunks virtually or in person, or a combination of both, at a time that works best.

Plenty of personal feedback

Learners work one-to-one with their coach and receive personal feedback. The coach explores different learning formats to meet the unique needs and challenges of the learner.

Comprehensive course manuals, post-coaching reference material and job aids

Coaching participants receive materials and job aids to enhance their learning, and are a great resource after the coaching sessions.

Choose from facilitator-led virtual or in-person coaching


In-person coaching

Learning in person is a hands-on experience. Participants can ask the facilitator questions directly, and they have a whole room full of opinions and knowledge to draw from. Participants benefit from having organic conversations and building relationships, while enhancing their learning experience and boosting retention. Participants interact in a variety of ways to encourage movement and interactivity. Participants bring their laptops to access our digital participant materials, and are encouraged to bring a notepad and writing utensil to take notes.


Virtual coaching

Learning virtually means all learners are at their computers, learning together in real time and led by a facilitator who is also joining remotely. Webinars are great for teams who work in different time zones or geographical areas. Technology makes it easy to interact using chat, polls and breakout rooms. Participants receive their participant materials ahead of time, so they come prepared and ready to learn. Our webinars can be scheduled around the timing that works best for your team. Webinars are both time-and cost-effective, and they deliver excellent results.

What to expect

Coaching is highly effective because the learner learns only the skills relevant to their needs, not the needs of a group. As they learn new skills, the coach ensures the learner can successfully apply them to their real life documents and presentations by providing real time feedback. After the coaching, the learner has solid reference material, post-course access to their coach, and a series of emailed learning boosters to keep the learning alive.

The coach first reaches out to schedule a short telephone meeting to understand the learner’s role, what they need to communicate, who their audience is, and what their learning objectives are. The coach asks for samples of writing or presentations to understand strengths and weaknesses. The coach may also ask to speak with the learner’s manager and others who can provide feedback about their communication skills from a different point of view.

Based on this initial meeting, the coach establishes learning objectives with the coaching participant and a timetable for the coaching sessions.

The coaching sessions can be face-to-face or virtual. We usually find 3 two-hour meetings are enough.

Structured coaching sessions draw from the content in our flagship courses—Professional Business Writing or Presenting to Groups. But instead of covering all the available lessons, we focus on only the lessons that are needed. As the new skills are practiced, the coach provides immediate feedback.

Between coaching sessions, the learner continues to practice by applying their new skills and techniques in their day-to-day work. The learner can share their draft documents and practice presentations with their Wavelength coach, who provides feedback and guidance.

We share a comprehensive manual designed for use during the coaching and to refer to later as a resource. The manuals provide ongoing support when preparing for a high-impact presentation or document.

The manuals:

  • Are comprehensive at 100 plus pages
  • Are designed for self-directed learning. They are full of best practices, examples, explanations, exercises, and suggested answers. Learners can test themselves and continue to practice skills they want to strengthen
  • Are full of current business phrases, sample documents and presentations
  • Contain checklists to help edit real work
  • Contain a list of reference books and websites to learn more
  • Are sustainable. We provide them in an easy-to-navigate digital format with fillable fields and instant feedback.
  • Contain tip sheets that summarize best practices and course content at a glance for an on-the-go resource.

Throughout the coaching learning experience, we encourage adding ideas to the Personal Action Plan. Taking notes is a powerful way to cement the learning, articulate best takeaways, and commit to using new techniques going forward.

To ensure learning transfer, the coach schedules a follow-up meeting after the coaching is complete to share communication skills successes and gaps.

We enroll coaching participants in our Learning Booster Program to help them retain and implement their new skills. The program includes six post-course microlearning emails. The first five weekly emails each contain a reminder to use one strategy and a quick practice activity.

The sixth and final email in the series asks participants to share changes in their skill level.

After this final email, participants begin receiving our regular blog posts, which are full of tips and ideas to keep the learning alive. Participants can opt out of any of these follow-up programs at any time.

  • Save time and maximize results by working 1:1 with a coach
  • Sessions can be scheduled at a time that fits the learner’s timeline
  • They enjoy greater confidence as a communicator and can apply their new skills to all types of communication
  • Take away before and after documents and presentation recordings that are a record of their progress and can be shared with their manager
  • Receive comprehensive participant materials, which are an excellent resource
  • Work with a coach who is expert at helping adult learners improve their communication skills

  • Master a reliable, repeatable process that can be applied to any communication
  • Create better documents or presentations in less time, every time
  • Gain confidence knowing your team members have the resources they need to excel at the high-consequence communications that advance their careers and help your organization succeed

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