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Our courses are designed to make lasting change

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Tailored for your needs

All our writing courses are tailored, and you can choose from a range of topics.


  • Writing emails and short reports
  • Managing email
  • Writing readable technical or scientific reports
  • Developing usable procedures
  • Writing persuasive proposals

Hands On

Participants get work done while they learn in class. They use our techniques to plan and write a document on a topic of their choice. In this way, learners use our writing techniques before they finish the course so they can confidently apply them back at work. In addition, they refer to their own documents to privately assess their strengths and weaknesses. Then they set specific goals for change.

What to expect

During the course, participants apply their new skills to real documents from the workplace. After the course, they receive solid reference material, post-course access to their facilitator, and a series of emailed learning boosters to keep the learning alive.

Participants learn to write by writing. As they learn new planning, drafting and editing skills, they practice using them. We encourage large- and small-group discussion to facilitate the sharing of ideas and best practices. Participants also bring samples of their written work and a writing project to the course. We give them opportunities to draft a new document and review and reflect on their writing samples during the course. As a culminating activity, they revise one of their documents and workshop it in small groups, giving and receiving feedback.

As a result of our writing skills training, learners share a common language and a common set of criteria. During the course, they practice giving each other feedback using these criteria, and after the course they continue to support one other. This encourages the transfer of learning and allows for real organizational change.

Learners value the course materials because they outlive the course itself. Participants tell us they return to our materials to create their documents after the course. Materials are all digital, and include:

  • A manual with templates, examples and checklists
  • Job aids

How your organization benefits from better writing skills


Projects move forward

Readers get the information they need to make the best decisions and move projects forward.


Readers actually read documents

Readers are attracted to documents that capture their attention, state the purpose up front, and include just enough detail, including benefits.


Credibility grows

Writers display their competence, attitude and professionalism through the words they choose, the content they include and the design of their document.


Productivity improves

Writers save time by using a reliable process to produce better quality documents in less time; readers save time when documents are clear.


Misunderstandings and errors decrease

When messages are easy to understand, people make fewer costly mistakes.


Relationships grow stronger

Good writers make their readers feel valued and respected because they anticipate and satisfy their readers’ needs.

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