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10+1 Grammar Rules Even Good Writers Break

  • Webinar: Virtual, 60 minutes
  • Speaker Sessions: In-Person, 90 minutes

It’s a fact of life that people judge you when you make grammar mistakes in your writing or speech. If you want to enhance your credibility and gain respect, learn how to fix the most common mistakes that even good communicators make.

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Course highlights

At Wavelength, we understand that busy professionals like you need learning that fits into your busy workday. This 10+1 course provides learning you can apply right away. Learn 11 practical tips to help you feel more confident that your writing is correct and error free.

Who should attend

This session is great for anyone who writes regularly, proofreads or needs a grammar refresher.

We can support up to 100 participants.

What you will learn

  • Use gender-neutral pronouns
  • Select ‘I’ or ‘me’
  • Use ‘myself’ correctly
  • Make your lists parallel
  • Use the Oxford comma
  • Choose ‘that’ versus ‘which’
  • Use the semicolon
  • Show possession with apostrophes
  • Avoid dangling modifiers
  • Avoid commonly mixed-up words, such as affect vs effect
  • Capitalize correctly

What to expect

The webinars are fast-paced and interactive. Learn our best tips and have fun at the same time. You receive a tip sheet for reference and access to the recording of your session for 30 days.

Speaker session
This speaker session is fast-paced and interactive. Learn our best tips and have fun at the same time. You also receive a tip sheet for reference.

Course outlines

Webinar: Virtual, 60 minutes

Download course outline
PDF, 66.0 KB

Speaker Sessions: In-Person, 90 minutes

Download course outline
PDF, 69 KB

Webinars and speaker series FAQs

Your manager or training department will schedule it directly with Wavelength. We occasionally offer public open-enrollment webinars to individuals so you can sign up for a session yourself.

Our course administration team works with your training coordinator to confirm participant numbers and rosters, as well as participant materials and logistics. The team also answers questions and troubleshoots any issues.

About two weeks before your session is scheduled to begin, you receive an email with information about how to join, including login details for virtual sessions and logistical details for in-person sessions. You receive an email explaining what to expect and how to prepare. If you’re using digital participant materials, you also receive these with your email. If you’re using print materials, you receive these when you arrive for your session.

You spend your time learning. Our webinars and speaker sessions are interactive, so you have plenty of opportunities to try out new skills and share ideas as you learn.

Yes! You receive a copy of the PPT for future reference. You may also receive additional materials to use during or after your session.

Typically, there’s no prework for webinars and speaker sessions. If you receive digital materials with your pre-course email, we ask you to have these downloaded and saved to your device to use as you need during the session. Otherwise, just bring yourself and come ready to engage and learn!

We don’t ask participants to turn video on for webinars.

For webinars, you need a computer, preferably with camera and microphone capabilities, with your digital materials downloaded and saved. Although it’s possible to join virtual sessions on other devices, we recommend a computer for an optimal learning experience.

For in-person speaker sessions, bring a laptop if you’re using digital materials, and a pen and notebook if you wish to take notes by hand.

Delivery methods

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Webinar, Virtual

Webinars are perfect if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to entertain, inspire and educate a large group virtually, and you have 60- to 90-minutes. Participants are remote and they can be anywhere in the world, so webinars are ideal if you want to bring together teams from different regions.

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Speaker Sessions, In-Person

If you’re looking for a speaker to entertain, inspire and educate a large group at an offsite, conference or lunch and learn in a 60- to 90-minute time slot, a speaker session is for you. We can accommodate a large group, so it’s cost effective.

What people are saying

This course will provide you with the right skills to make you a more effective and strong communicator.

Grand & Toy 2021

The Professional Business Writing course is a worthwhile course that teaches you the fundamentals of business writing.

Hyundai Canada 2021

I have used knowledge from this course every day since taking it!

KPMG Global 2021

Provides a lot of real-life examples of everyday writing habits to hit home some key principles.

Municipal Enterprises 2021

The course can effectively and quickly improve writing style by pointing out common mistakes, reminding you of grammar rules, and teaching writing processes.

Itau Corpbanca 2022

The professional business writing course improved my business writing skills and built confidence for our day-to-day business communication.

KPMG Global 2022

This is a very beneficial course with takeaways that can be applied immediately to improve anyone's writing ability.

Municipal Enterprises 2021

Enterprise clients

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