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Speaker Sessions

Looking for a short, practical, interactive learning session for your next team meeting, conference or lunch and learn?

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Maximum results in minimal time

Speaker sessions are short, live events designed for large groups of learners. They’re lively and interactive—perfect for energizing your team and imparting practical learning at the same time. Speaker sessions provide highlights from our longer, more in-depth training and learners leave with actionable ideas that make a difference in their communications.


  • Cost effective
  • Only 60 to 90 minutes long
  • Up to 100 learners per session
  • Practical takeaways
  • 14 topics to choose from

Energize your team

Expect an engaging, enjoyable learning experience, where learners have fun and leave with practical strategies to apply to their everyday communication.

14 topics to choose from

Can’t decide? Consider putting together a series of speaker sessions to meet your team’s most important communication needs. Our speaker sessions are lean and highly focused. Each one is a deep dive into a key communication topic.

Choose from facilitator-led virtual or in-person courses


In-person speaker sessions

Learning in person is a hands-on experience. Participants can ask the facilitator questions directly, and they have a whole room full of opinions and knowledge to draw from. Participants benefit from having organic conversations and building relationships, while enhancing their learning experience and boosting retention. Participants interact in a variety of ways to encourage movement and interactivity. Participants bring their laptops to access our digital participant materials, and are encouraged to bring a notepad and writing utensil to take notes.


Virtual Webinars

Learning virtually means all learners are at their computers, learning together in real time and led by a facilitator who is also joining remotely. Webinars are great for teams who work in different time zones or geographical areas. Technology makes it easy to interact using chat, polls and breakout rooms. Participants receive their participant materials ahead of time, so they come prepared and ready to learn. Our webinars can be scheduled around the timing that works best for your team. Webinars are both time-and cost-effective, and they deliver excellent results.

What to expect

Our speaker sessions are fast paced, fun and contribute to team building while teaching practical communication skills. During speaker sessions, participants practice using their new skills and are given time to reflect on the best ideas they learn and intend to use back on the job. Participants receive the PowerPoint slides handout as a reference.

Two to three weeks before your session, participants receive an email that explains what to expect. It includes any digital learning materials and details about the timing and location. The welcome email also includes an introduction to the facilitator, and participants are invited to reach out to them before the session with any questions, concerns, or special requests.

We send any printed materials ahead of time, if applicable. Participants are encouraged to bring a pen and notepad to take notes.

Participants experience a fast-paced, content packed session. Some of our speaker sessions provide tips and best practices at a high level, while others are a deep dive into one skill, such as designing a meeting or telling a story with data. Either way, we keep participants busy and ensure there’s as little lecture as possible.

Throughout the learning experience, we encourage participants to write down any good ideas. Taking notes is a powerful way to cement the learning, articulate the best takeaways, and commit to using new techniques going forward.

As the speaker session wraps up, we send participants a link to a streamlined post-session evaluation survey. The feedback lets us know how participants feel about the learning, how they’ll apply the skills they learned, and if they see ways we can continue to improve the learning experience. We appreciate participants taking the time to complete these surveys to help us continually improve. We send you a report summarizing the feedback.

  • Participants leave with a few great ideas to use in their communications going forward.
  • We make the most of your employees’ time: speaker sessions are usually an hour long and are packed with content.
  • Participants receive a summary of the presentation, which is an excellent resource.

  • A reliable, repeatable process for all communications.
  • Participants gain a better understanding of what they need to do to produce world-class communications.
  • Participants have the resources they need to excel at the high-consequence documents, presentations, meetings and conversations that matter.

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