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Email Writing

Email Etiquette

  • Speaker Sessions: In-Person, 90 minutes
  • Webinar: Virtual, 90 minutes

Email messages are so easy to send that many of us send way too many, way too often, with too little care. This practical 90-minute course teaches you how to use email with courtesy and respect.

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Course highlights

Learn the principles of email etiquette in a lively, interactive session.

Who should attend

This course benefits anyone looking to be more professional and send emails with greater courtesy and respect.

We recommend up to 40 participants for the in person course, or up to 100 participants for virtual.

What you will learn

  • decide when sending an email is appropriate
  • know your alternatives and when to use them
  • be a courteous and responsible email writer—understand the implications of your choices
  • share time-saving conventions with your colleagues
  • compose informative subject lines
  • lay out your message for clarity and readability

What to expect

This fast-paced session works for even the busiest schedule. You receive digital materials to help you transfer your learning to the job.

Course outlines

Speaker Sessions: In-Person, 90 minutes

Download course outline
PDF, 61 KB

Webinar: Virtual, 90 minutes

Download course outline
PDF, 84 KB

Webinars and speaker series FAQs

Your manager or training department will schedule it directly with Wavelength. We occasionally offer public open-enrollment webinars to individuals so you can sign up for a session yourself.

Our course administration team works with your training coordinator to confirm participant numbers and rosters, as well as participant materials and logistics. The team also answers questions and troubleshoots any issues.

About two weeks before your session is scheduled to begin, you receive an email with information about how to join, including login details for virtual sessions and logistical details for in-person sessions. You receive an email explaining what to expect and how to prepare. If you’re using digital participant materials, you also receive these with your email. If you’re using print materials, you receive these when you arrive for your session.

You spend your time learning. Our webinars and speaker sessions are interactive, so you have plenty of opportunities to try out new skills and share ideas as you learn.

Yes! You receive a copy of the PPT for future reference. You may also receive additional materials to use during or after your session.

Typically, there’s no prework for webinars and speaker sessions. If you receive digital materials with your pre-course email, we ask you to have these downloaded and saved to your device to use as you need during the session. Otherwise, just bring yourself and come ready to engage and learn!

We don’t ask participants to turn video on for webinars.

For webinars, you need a computer, preferably with camera and microphone capabilities, with your digital materials downloaded and saved. Although it’s possible to join virtual sessions on other devices, we recommend a computer for an optimal learning experience.

For in-person speaker sessions, bring a laptop if you’re using digital materials, and a pen and notebook if you wish to take notes by hand.

Delivery methods

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Webinar, Virtual

Webinars are perfect if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to entertain, inspire and educate a large group virtually, and you have 60- to 90-minutes. Participants are remote and they can be anywhere in the world, so webinars are ideal if you want to bring together teams from different regions.

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Speaker Sessions, In-Person

If you’re looking for a speaker to entertain, inspire and educate a large group at an offsite, conference or lunch and learn in a 60- to 90-minute time slot, a speaker session is for you. We can accommodate a large group, so it’s cost effective.

What people are saying

Well worth the time spent, you will save more time at your computer than you spent on the course if you use the skills provided.

Liberty Algonquin 2021

This course successfully taught me how to improve my digital communication skills through explanation, reflection and examples.

Town of Ajax 2022

This course is well structured and led and includes many tips to improve your email writing etiquette.

Liberty Algonquin 2021

It was excellent, I will definitely take another course again.

Liberty Algonquin 2021

Honestly this was one of the better online webinars I've had, the way the engagement through the chat was small, easy, but meaningful. Very well facilitated!

Town of Ajax 2022

Great content and examples to give anyone a class or refresher on email etiquette in today's world.

Liberty Algonquin 2021

The facilitator was very engaging and made sure all answers/ participants were recognized.

Town of Ajax 2022

Enterprise clients

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