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Writing, presenting, and interpersonal skills training for business professionals

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Our courses are designed to make lasting change. During the course, participants apply their new skills to real documents, presentations, conversations and meetings from the workplace. After the course, they receive solid reference material, post-course access to their facilitator, and a series of emailed learning boosters to keep the learning alive.

Jody Bruner – CEO

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Confident communicators

You want your team to be efficient and confident. Our courses are designed to help your staff reliably deliver high-consequence documents, presentations, and conversations that get results and build relationships. Watch their confidence grow as they earn reputations as effective communicators.

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Meeting your needs

We’ve been providing communication skills training to teams like yours for over 50 years. We’re passionate about clarity, obsessed with quality and dedicated to helping your team achieve success through their documents, presentations, and meetings. We care, and it shows.


Practical solutions

We care about providing learners with practical business skills. As a result, you can be confident your employees learn current, relevant techniques that improve the quality of their reports, emails, presentations, conversations, and meetings.


Expert facilitators

Our facilitators are adult learning experts with solid organizational and communication experience. They are passionate about seeing their learners gain new skills and greater confidence.


A seamless client experience

We do much more than show up for sessions–you get outstanding service and ongoing support. Our team guides you through the entire experience from needs assessment to materials design, from pre-course instructions to follow-up after the session. In other words, you save time and resources while we manage logistics.

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Learn how customized courses were perfect for KPMG.

The right courses for your needs

The right delivery method
for your team

You can have learning delivered in a way that works best for your team, your budget and your available time. Regardless of which method you choose—virtual or in-person, webinar or multi-day course—your learners learn practical ways to improve their communication practices.

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Course, In-Person

Learning in-person means you can ask the facilitator questions directly, and you have a whole room full of opinions and knowledge to draw from. You benefit from having organic conversations and building relationships, while enhancing your learning experience and boosting retention.

Learn more about our in-person courses.

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Course, Virtual

Learning virtually means all learners are at their computers, learning together in real time and led by a facilitator who is also remote. Live chat and breakout rooms make it easy to interact and be connected. A virtually facilitated course is time- and cost-effective and gets excellent results.

Learn more about our virtual courses.

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Webinars, Virtual

Webinars are perfect if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to deliver small chunks of learning that entertain, inspire and educate a large group virtually, and you have 60 to 90 minutes. Participants are remote and they can be anywhere in the world, so webinars are ideal if you want to bring together teams from different regions.

Learn more about our webinars.

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Course, Virtual & Public

Do you have only one or two people who need training? If so, consider our public courses, offered a few times a year. They include individual learners from different organizations. Public courses are practical, cost effective, with great learning outcomes. If this sounds like a good solution, reach out and we’ll let you know upcoming dates.

Learn more about our public virtual courses.


Speaker Sessions, In-Person

If you’re looking for a speaker to entertain, inspire and educate a large group in person at an offsite, conference, or lunch and learn in a 60 to 90-minute time slot, a speaker session is for you. We can accommodate a large group, so it’s cost effective.

Learn more about our speaker sessions.

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Coaching, In-Person/Virtual

Work one-on-one with a coach with a customized curriculum that targets only your needs. Coaching programs are created after a detailed assessment and maximize the results that are most critical to your success.

Learn more about coaching.

Tailored for your industry

Your industry is specialized and your needs are unique. With 50+ years of experience, we’ve had the opportunity to dive deep into many different verticals and know we can speak your language. View all our clients.

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We can help you convey your scientific knowledge to regulators and audiences with different backgrounds. Learn to adapt your message to your audience without complicating, compromising or overly simplifying your content.

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Being successful in an IT role depends on your ability to translate your technical expertise into non-technical language. We help you explain technical concepts and processes in ways everyone can understand and act on.

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Do you want to increase your revenue? Is your writing as persuasive as it can be? Make sure you are framing every proposal and email from your client’s point of view and making every reader benefit clear.

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Good audit reports get to the point, clearly identify business risk and spur management to act. Let us help you improve the quality of your internal audit and risk reports.

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7 tips for writing that’s easy to understand

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What people are saying

This course allows you to break out of your comfort zone and make meaningful changes to existing habits with the help and guidance of a facilitator. Highly recommend it!

GN Hearing 2022

I learned to consider the audience’s needs and their questions. I never thought of this kind of perspective before, but it could be the first priority for the next presentation.

Chinook Therapeutics 2021

Well worth the time spent, you will save more time at your computer than you spent on the course if you use the skills provided.

Liberty Algonquin 2021

By the numbers


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Countries we’ve trained in


Courses offered


Average rating for our courses


Average rating for facilitators

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Woman owned since 1996

We are proud and fortunate to be one of today’s many female owned and run businesses. We support female and male entrepreneurs alike, and we especially recognize the challenges women faced 30 years ago when starting their own businesses. We are grateful for the women who came before us and paved the way, for our peers who are celebrated for their contributions, and for today’s environment, which sets the stage for even more female entrepreneurs running successful businesses into the future.

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Wavelength is a communication skills training company that has been helping clients become more effective communicators by helping their people improve writing, presenting, and meeting skills through instructor-led training, online learning, and coaching. We’ve been in business for over 50 years.

Your team members benefit by learning how to clarify their thinking, craft their communication through an audience lens, and communicate in a direct, professional way.
Stronger communication skills mean your team can:

  • Achieve better, more consistent results
  • Persuade audiences to approve recommendations
  • Increase productivity
  • Strengthen relationships with clients, peers, leaders and stakeholders
  • Influence others and get buy-in
  • Present themselves as capable, confident contributors to their teams

We specialize in providing communication skills training. It’s all we do. We’re passionate about clarity, obsessed with quality and dedicated to helping our clients achieve success through their documents, presentations, and meetings.

We outshine our competitors in the following ways:

Practical solutions
We focus on practical business needs. As a result, you can be confident your employees will learn current, relevant skills that improve the quality of their reports, emails, presentations, and meetings.

Expert facilitators
Our facilitators are adult learning experts with solid organizational and communication experience.

A seamless client experience
We do much more than show up for sessions–we also provide outstanding service and ongoing support. Our team guides you through the entire experience from needs assessment to materials design, from pre-course instructions to follow-up after the session. In other words, you save time and resources while we manage logistics.

We offer virtual and in-person courses in three communication areas: presenting, writing and interpersonal skills.

Absolutely. As a starting point, we tailor all our courses to each client’s specific needs by speaking the language of your industry and profession and by having participants apply their learning to real-world documents, presentations and conversations. 

We do our homework and emphasize how the strategies we teach advance your mission. We ensure our trainers understand the context and audience for each course, what to emphasize and why. We ask participants to share their personal learning objectives so we can address everyone’s concerns and questions. In addition, participants evaluate their own work to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and they apply new skills to a real document, presentation or conversation.

We can add a layer of customization if you have an intact team and you want the training to teach everyone how to convey a certain kind of message. Here’s how it works in a writing course, for example: you provide us with several writing samples. We use these to create before-and-after examples, exercises with suggested answers, scenarios and case studies. You provide a subject matter expert who can approve our revisions, and we embed them into the course. Lessons have greater impact when they’re demonstrated in language that’s familiar. 

Additionally, our courses are modular so it’s possible to combine them in different ways. For example, we can deliver some content virtually and some in person. Let’s get creative! 

The best way to get started is to reach out directly to us. We connect you with a relationship manager, who works directly with your team to understand your needs and discuss pricing. Your relationship manager can then recommend the best and most cost-effective solution for you. 

Your employees become more confident communicators. They gain the skills needed to create and deliver high-consequence documents, presentations, and conversations to get results, build relationships and earn a reputation as an effective communicator throughout their careers.

For virtual courses, you need a computer, preferably with camera and microphone capabilities. Although it’s possible to join virtual sessions on other devices, we recommend a computer or laptop for an optimal learning experience. For in-person courses, you only need your course materials. If you have a printed manual, you need a pencil; if you have a digital manual, you need a computer to view it on.

We recommend starting with the course your employees need right away. Your relationship manager is there to help you determine which course or courses best meet your specific needs and budget.

Our clients often begin with one of our signature courses, such as:

Business Writing Essentials (1 day/7 hours) – Most of us spend time every day writing emails and various documents, so Business Writing Essentials often makes sense as a solid foundation for business writing.

Presenting to Groups (2 days/12 hours) – If you or your team have high-consequence presentations to give.

Making Meetings Work (1/2 day/3 hours) for anyone with meetings to lead.

Communicate With Impact (1 day/7 hours) to help you improve your speaking and listening skills in conversation.

Because our writing, presentation and interpersonal communication courses reinforce each other, the more courses you take, the better you communicate in any situation. We take an audience-focused approach to communication and help participants view their communication through an audience lens, which has transformative results. We also teach you how to clarify your thinking—a skill you apply to any kind of communication.

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Career opportunities

Our team of learning experts, designers, salespeople and client services staff has deep experience and boundless enthusiasm for providing our clients with skills that are critical to their success. We are always looking for talented people to join our growing team.

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