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You’re not imagining it–you are sending and receiving more emails than ever thanks to remote working. As we increasingly rely on email communication, it’s more important than ever to write them quickly and make sure they hit the mark.

In this webinar,  you’ll learn to: 

  • Save time by planning your emails 
  • Get right to the point, and get the response you need 
  • Write informative subject lines 
  • Energize your writing by being concise 
  • Use a positive tone 
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Our digital world is busy, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by information. How can we cut through the noise and communicate effectively? The short answer: storytelling. Research tells us people learn by relating a story to their own experience. Stories bring people together, build relationships, and create context.

Learn how stories put life into your communications, giving you a much better chance of keeping your audiences engaged.

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Most training professionals write proposals, business cases, course outlines, brochures, emails, blogs, newsletters, bios, websites and case studies. Are you confident that everything you write persuades your readers that you can help them? Are you using every opportunity to sell the benefits of learning and development?

If you feel bogged down by writing, this session will help. It provides strategies and techniques to ensure everything you write is clear, readable, and persuasive.

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Strong presenters know that being prepared is the key to success. This session helps you plan and develop engaging presentations that focus on your audience’s needs.

You’ll take away tools to generate and draft your content quickly and easily.

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