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Ideas for becoming a sustainable training company

By Jody Bruner

January 17, 2022

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Ideas for becoming a sustainable training company - footprint-sign-beach
Ideas for becoming a sustainable training company - wave-lime-green-1260x540-1
Ideas for becoming a sustainable training company - wave-lime-green-1260x540-1

One of our clients, Liberty Algonquin Power & Utilities, recently asked us a great question:

“As Liberty is engaged in the renewable energy industry and has prioritized the integration of Sustainability across our business modalities, we encourage and seek out Suppliers who share its sustainability goals and are proactive on environmental factors.

“As a valuable Vendor, can you please share with us your commitment and policy to Sustainability?”

We are so glad you asked, and we’re happy to share how we build sustainability into our business practices:

1. In the days before Covid-19, we bought offsets from less.ca when we traveled by plane to our clients. We’ll continue this practice when travel resumes.

2. When Covid-19 sent us into lockdown and we started working from home, we realized we didn’t need our big office. By getting rid of it, we became a fully remote and fully carbon neutral company. We now travel once a month to meet in person for a working and social session. No more regular drives to the office.

3. In the old days, we printed and shipped a lot of manuals. Today, we provide interactive, fully digital materials with our virtual courses, and we charge extra for printed manuals.

4. In addition, our team has just joined the Carbon Neutral Club (CNC). (Full disclosure: my son is a co-founder). Our membership fees offset our employees’ carbon footprints during their non-working hours by investing in three projects: a reforestation project in Columbia, a wind farm in South Dakota, and a solar power project in Thailand.

Not only do we feel good about funding projects that slow climate change, create jobs, protect vulnerable species, and provide cleaner drinking water, we are also rewarded with savings when buying from the 50+ sustainable brands that have partnered with the CNC. These brands sell products we buy every day—from groceries to dishes, from clothing to cosmetics. As a member, I’ve discovered fabulous products at Fable, Mate the Label, Everist and Province Apothecary. Did I mention we get discounts every time we shop?

Reach out to Carbon Neutral Club directly to learn more about joining yourself, your family or your team.

How about you? Please share what you are doing to combat climate change.

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