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Finding My Rhythm: Jody Bruner’s Journey from Dance to Business

By Jody Bruner

March 7, 2024

Wavelength Updates

Finding My Rhythm: Jody Bruner’s Journey from Dance to Business - headshot-of-jody-bruner-amid-graphic-linework
Finding My Rhythm: Jody Bruner’s Journey from Dance to Business - wave-lime-green-1260x540-1
Finding My Rhythm: Jody Bruner’s Journey from Dance to Business - wave-lime-green-1260x540-1

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re thrilled to spotlight Jody Bruner, the visionary behind Wavelength.

It took a while for me to find my calling. After one year of studying for a BFA in Dance, I switched to English Lit and completed my first university degree in 1978. After that, I had random jobs in retail and as a receptionist. I wasn’t really skilled at anything.

In the ‘80s, when I was in my early 30s married with one kid, I went back to university to complete my undergrad Dance degree and get a teaching certificate. I thought I could get a job teaching dance and English.

It was a good, practical plan, but once I was back at school, I discovered a passion for research and analysis so I decided to do an MA in Dance instead. I completed that two-year degree in three years and had two more kids. But my academic project wasn’t quite finished, so I enrolled part time in an English Lit MA. During this time, I took a job at the university tutoring students in the Writing Centre and helping them write their essays. I loved the work, but it ended when I finished my studies.

It was time to find proper employment. All my role models were self-employed. My father, my uncles in particular. I felt it was the right path for me, but what kind of business could I operate, especially with degrees in English Lit and Dance? Not the most practical education!

I knew I wasn’t going to find a job easily, and the truth was I didn’t really want one. I wanted to run my own business. But doing what?

“Open up the possibilities in your life. You only grow when you’re in your discomfort zone.”

Jody Bruner

I find my best ideas when I expose myself to something new and challenging. I always used to read the front section and the Arts section of my daily newspaper, skipping everything else. While I was searching for a business idea, I started looking at the Business section too. I found it almost impossible to understand, but I flipped through it every day anyway.

One day, I came across a study that measured the need for better communication skills. The study showed that the biggest challenge business people faced was being able to write. Aha! I could handle that since I’d spent three years tutoring students, and I knew I had the skills to help them. I spent the next year researching business writing, learning and development, and adult education. I created my first course, my first brochure, and acquired my first few clients.

I soon got too busy to do everything myself, so I found and trained contract trainers and administrative help. I loved having the flexibility of working from home, especially since I had a young family. I could work when it suited me—when the kids were at school, or asleep.

Today I’m surrounded by a team of mostly women. We work collaboratively and support each other. The work always gets done to a high level, and we understand that it’s okay to run to meet your kids at the school bus or slip out for an after-school game or concert as long as someone is covering for you and your work gets done.

Owning a business isn’t for everyone. Like all paths, it’s got pro’s and con’s. It was the right path for me, but maybe not for you. If you gravitate towards a job, I suggest finding an employer who respects your needs and trusts you to do the work.

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