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Communication Skills Courses that Turn ‘Volun-tolds’ into Active Learners

By Jody Bruner

September 5, 2023

Communication Skills

Communication Skills Courses that Turn ‘Volun-tolds’ into Active Learners - Communication-skills
Communication Skills Courses that Turn ‘Volun-tolds’ into Active Learners - wave-lime-green-1260x540-1
Communication Skills Courses that Turn ‘Volun-tolds’ into Active Learners - wave-lime-green-1260x540-1

One of the challenges of communication skills training – or any training for that matter – is engaging participants with techniques and strategies that lead to tangible, positive change. In other words, training that sticks. Training that reaches even the most recalcitrant learners. Wavelength’s unique approach does exactly that.

We bring the real world into our writing, presentation, and meeting facilitation courses so skills are seamlessly transferred from workshop to workplace. Participants immediately apply their newly acquired skills and receive helpful feedback during the course. And we don’t disappear afterwards. Our follow up includes emailing participants to reinforce and refresh their learning.

Why our business communication training is so successful

We bring over 50 years’ experience working with adult learners. Our courses and methods constantly evolve, incorporating strategies that support today’s extremely busy writers and presenters. Not surprisingly, the past three years have been more revolutionary than evolutionary. We’ve embraced virtual learning and all courses have proven successful on any learning platform.

Our courses are taught by a dream team of language and adult learning specialists who bring passion and practicality to every group of learners. In addition to feedback during a course, they are available post-course to answer questions.

What can you expect from a Wavelength training experience?

For starters, you choose your own adventure. We offer one- and two-day courses as well as webinars, speaker sessions and coaching. You can opt for customized intact group or department training or general sessions for all employees. Tell us your needs and we make it happen.

“In our experience, learners become motivated when they see how the changes we teach dramatically transform their communications. They love that they can get real work done in a course that’s light on theory and heavy on practical skills.” – Jody Bruner, President of Wavelength

Business writing

The centerpiece of all our writing courses is…writing. Participants bring a project that they work on throughout the session, ideally, a real document they need to write. They use our four-step process, which is simple, scalable and elegant. After planning, writing and revising their document, learners benefit from constructive peer and facilitator feedback. By the end of the course, that email or letter is ready to go!

Report writing

For folks who write reports, we offer a similar experience of hands-on learning. In addition to a step-by-step process, writers learn best practices for incorporating visuals and presenting technical information clearly and concisely. Here too, participants benefit from peer and facilitator feedback on their freshly written report.

Email Writing Essentials

If your organization suffers from email overload, our one-day course will help alleviate that pain. How do you make a message stand out in a crowded inbox? When should you reply all? Should you ever use bcc? The course offers practical tips on managing email, so it doesn’t manage the writer. As well, we provide strategies for ensuring a polished, courteous and professional tone in every message.

Presenting skills

Just as our writing courses are hands-on, so too are our array of presentation skills courses. We help presenters deliver successfully to all types of general and niche audiences such as senior executives/C-suite and technical/scientific experts. Participants use a six-step process to plan and write their presentation, as well as craft helpful visuals; additionally, they learn tips to deliver their message with polish, poise and professionalism. Then they deliver their presentation twice and receive constructive, specific feedback from their colleagues and the facilitator. Presentations are recorded so participants can review and learn from what they see and hear.

Meeting facilitation training

Keeping with the theme of learning by doing, it’s no surprise that participants map out and implement a meeting during a Wavelength course. In addition to covering meeting mechanics such as creating a helpful agenda, participants learn critical soft skills to ensure success, e.g., how to engage all meeting attendees, how to reach consensus using decision-making tools, and how to encourage quiet people to speak up.

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