Being licensed to deliver our courses is cost-effective if writing skills training is part of your on-going training curriculum and you need to train a lot of people.


Licensing is cost-effective if writing, presentation or meeting skills training is part of your ongoing training curriculum and you need to train a large group of people.

We’ve priced all our licensing programs to be “pay as you play” with minimal up-front fees.

If you’re planning to deliver communication skills training to a large group on a regular basis, contact us to see if this program makes sense for you.


The program includes

  • The right to deliver our workshop to your internal staff for three years
  • Certification of your trainers
  • A comprehensive and user-friendly trainer’s guide
  • A complete set of handouts and a PowerPoint presentation
  • The advantage of purchasing course manuals at volume discounts
  • On-going support from Wavelength Communication Skills Training
  • Regular updates of the materials

The Certification Part

The certification process includes training your trainers. This usually takes two workshops. We recommend scheduling these about two weeks apart.

Workshop 1: We deliver the first workshop to a group of your employees including your trainers. After the course, we work with your trainers reviewing the trainer’s guide and related materials.
The trainers then spend time learning the program. Prior to Workshop 2 we are available to review the theory underlying the content and answer any questions.

Workshop 2: Your trainers deliver the workshop to another group of employees and we observe. Afterwards, we debrief the presentations and give feedback, provide additional tips and tricks, and review workshop evaluations.

The Licensing Part

The licensing fee (your right to use our materials) is embedded in the price of manuals, which you agree to order from us. The books cost a little more than you’d pay if we were providing the course. We provide volume discounts, which means the more you use, the lower your licensing fee.

Contact us directly for more information.