About Wavelength

We care about giving our learners a clear, confident voice in every situation

Who we are

Wavelength was created on January 1, 2016 by merging IWCC Training in Communications and Bruner Business Communication. We provide training in three areas: writing, presentation and meeting skills.

We are a team of learning experts, designers, salespeople and client services staff with deep experience and boundless enthusiasm for teaching you skills we know are critical to your success.

Our Head Office is in Guelph, Ontario and we have regional offices from coast to coast in Canada and in the U.S.

Our core values are the essence of our identity, and dictate how we treat ourselves, each other, our clients and our communities. Here are 5 values that describe us:

  1. Commitment to quality – We build great products that improve the lives of our learners and the bottom line for our clients. We provide service that exceeds expectations to our clients and to each other.
  2. Innovation – We pursue creative ideas, and explore new ways of improving our products and services to help us fulfill our mission more effectively. We cultivate our curiosity, question our assumptions, and share knowledge with each other.
  3. Teamwork – The products and services we deliver are the sum of our collective talents, and our best results stem from valuing our different perspectives, talents, and experiences.
  4. Ownership – We take care of the company and our customers as if they were our own.
  5. Respect – We treat each other with courtesy and respect, especially when there is conflict. We are open to criticism because it helps us become better, and it’s always given constructively.

Our mission is to ensure your employees learn skills that help them:

  • Achieve better, more consistent results through improved communication
  • Persuade audiences to approve recommendations
  • Increase productivity
  • Strengthen relationships with clients, peers, leaders and stakeholders
  • Influence others and get buy-in
  • Project themselves as capable, confident contributors to their teams

Why choose us?

When you choose Wavelength, you’re making the right decision because:

  • We provide solutions focused on business and organizational needs. As a result, you can be confident your employees will learn current, relevant skills that improve the quality of their reports, emails, presentations and meetings.
  • We staff our workshops with adult learning experts who have solid business and organizational experience.
  • We provide you with outstanding customer service and ongoing support – we do much more than show up for a workshop. Our team guides you from needs assessment, to materials design, to pre-workshop instructions and to follow-up. In other words, you’ll save time and energy while we manage logistics.
  • We are forward thinking and creative. Under the Wavelength banner we plan to add more courses, grow into new markets and deliver more training online to meet the needs of today’s business communicator.


Our clients

Our clients are large organizations in the banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, technology, manufacturing and resource sectors. We also have many clients in the public sector. We deliver our training all across Canada and the US, and we also train in Europe, UK, and Asia.

Get to know our team
We are ready to help you choose the best solutions, manage the workshop process and ensure your employees get the excellent communication skills training they need.
Jody Bruner
Jody Bruner
As Wavelength’s president, I combine my 20 years’ experience in the training industry with my passion for training, language and innovation to lead the Wavelength team. I feel blessed to be surrounded and supported by a talented, committed group of training experts.

Jean Findlater
As the Executive Director, and former owner of IWCC Training, I bring a wealth of experience, energy and vision to the Wavelength team. I also manage some of our largest and longest standing clients.

Judy O
Judy O’Donnell
As the Director of Training, I am responsible for the classroom experience. I develop and support our trainers, and create and customize our workshops.

Lesley Nevills
As the Manager of Training & Development, I help design and develop our products, facilitate workshops and support our team of trainers. I draw on 20 years of experience and expertise in adult learning, organizational development and human resources.

Heather MacLean
As the Manager of Finance & Human Resources, I manage everything to do with our financial processes and employee practices.

Fiona Patten
As the Manager of Operations & Projects, I manage our operations team, material design, marketing and other special projects. I balance creativity and structure to keep our operations on track and create valuable materials that enhance your learning.

Brittany Moor
As Wavelength’s Sales Coordinator, I support our relationship managers and their clients. I coordinate the sales process, make sure contracts are complete, and schedule facilitators.

Sarah F
Sarah Frejborg
As Wavelength’s Training Coordinator, I coordinate all of our workshops. I ensure you and your participants have everything you need—from pre-workshop instructions to materials—for a smooth experience.

Nancy L
Nancy Levasseur
I am one of Wavelength’s most senior Relationship Managers, responsible for taking care of clients and facilitating workshops. I have over 25 years’ experience in adult learning, and I believe learning retention is enhanced and performance is improved when adults are having fun.

Sarah M
Sarah Maloney
As a Relationship Manager, I am responsible for taking care of my clients and developing business. I have a strong background in training and development, and I have a passion giving participants an enjoyable and productive learning experience.

Leigh Geraghty
As a Relationship Manager, I work closely with clients to understand their business goals and learning needs, and offer the best solutions to meet their objectives. It’s my privilege to share my combined passions for communication and learning with Wavelength clients every day.