Executive-Ready Writing

About this course

In-person (1 day)
Virtual (modular, 9 hours)

Senior executives don’t have time to dig through long documents to find conclusions and recommendations. They need to know the key issues, outcomes, solutions, payback and costs—and they want that information fast.

This course helps you develop the writing skills you need to convey persuasive recommendations to senior executives.

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Download course outline (virtual)

Who should attend

This intensive workshop is for managers who need to produce executive-ready writing. It is ideal for leaders who want to hone their strategic writing skills and enhance their professional image through effective written communication.

We suggest up to 16 participants to allow for individual coaching.

What you will learn

In this course, you will learn to:

  • profile the needs of your executive readers
  • use a consistent process to quickly generate and organize content
  • decide what information and how much detail to include
  • state your main point clearly upfront and avoid rambling
  • make your document scannable
  • energize your writing by using a clear, concise style
  • use a positive tone to build and maintain good relationships
  • use templates to write persuasive recommendations

What to expect

We know that people learn best by doing, so this virtual course gives you many opportunities to practice as you learn. You participate in large-and small-group discussions and receive coaching from your peers and from the facilitator.  The facilitator is available to answer questions, and provide guidance and coaching. You use your own documents to assess your writing as we go, and you have an opportunity to revise a document in a culminating activity.

You receive a comprehensive digital manual containing exercises for extra practice, checklists, templates and examples. You also receive tip sheets to help you transfer learning to your work-based writing. You also have access to online resources for post-course use.


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