Email Writing Essentials

About this course

In-person (1 day)
Virtual (modular, 7 hours)

Do you receive too many unnecessary emails? Are you tired of emails that are long and rambling? Are you fed up with too much back and forth? In spite of these typical problems, email is here to stay. It’s cost-effective and easy to use. It lets us instantly reach readers who are far away, and email makes it cheap and easy to distribute large documents.

This email writing course shows you when email is the best way to communicate and when to avoid it. Learn to write messages that are concise and to the point, and ensure your messages are clear and easy to respond to.

Download course outline (in-person)

Download course outline (virtual)


Who should enroll

This seven-hour course is for anyone who writes emails to colleagues or external clients. We recommend up to 16 participants.

What you will learn

You leave this interactive session with practical strategies to:

  • Use the writing process to write better emails in less time every time
  • Adopt our template to quickly and consistently organize content and craft a satisfying message
  • Compose a great opening paragraph that states your main point upfront
  • Write informative subject lines
  • Layout your email to improve readability
  • Energize your writing by using a concise, positive, professional tone