Effective Business Writing

About this on-demand course

Improving your writing skills enhances your productivity and effectiveness: skilled writers can produce more effective documents in less time. Better letters and proposals mean stronger relationships with your customers and better internal communication means more effective and efficient decision making.

This course shows you how to address the needs of your readers and teaches you a process for creating documents that are clear, concise and persuasive. You learn skills that immediately improve productivity for you and your readers.

This course is hosted online, so you can access it from your office or your home.

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Who should enroll

This four-hour online course is for anyone who writes letters, emails or short reports.

What you will learn

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Profile your audience and clarify your purpose
  • Save time by planning your message
  • Draft quickly and easily
  • Get right to the point
  • Write information-rich headings
  • Layout your documents so readers can quickly scan them
  • Create flow from idea to idea so readers can easily follow your logic
  • Be reader-centered
  • Be positive
  • Add energy to your writing by being concise
  • Use a professional tone—not too formal, not too casual
  • Prefer the active voice for greater clarity

What to expect

The course is a mix of interactive learning materials, individual activities and feedback from your facilitator. You progress at your own pace—ignore content you already know and review more challenging content as often as you like. Feedback is built into the online learning materials. You will also receive detailed personal feedback from your facilitator when you complete and submit two writing exercises.

Would you prefer a customized course?

We can substitute a customized case study for the generic one. In addition, the course can be blended with classroom or virtual learning. We find it effective to combine the online course with a half-day small-group workshop.

Length of license

You can access all the content, interactive exercises, resources, and feedback for 3 months. You can also ask any content-related or technical questions online or by email during that time. We’ll reply within one business day, guaranteed.