Grammar and Punctuation

Take one or both of these 1-hour sessions

No matter how good you are at what you do, documents with grammar mistakes erode your corporate and personal credibility. These two fast-paced virtual sessions help you learn how to correct the mistakes you make. Take this opportunity to tune up your grammar and punctuation skills so that you can consistently produce professional documents that enhance your credibility.

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Who should attend

These sessions are great for anyone who writes regularly, needs a grammar refresher, or proofreads. We suggest 40 participants per session. You can schedule them on one day or on separate days.

What you learn

In these sessions, you learn how to identify and fix the most common grammar and punctuation mistakes good writers make.

Session 1: Grammar (1 hour)

Learn how to:

  • use subject-verb agreement
  • use noun-pronoun agreement
  • be gender-neutral

Session 2: Punctuation (1 hour)

Learn best practices for using:

  • apostrophes
  • commas
  • semicolons

What to expect

These sessions are interactive and practical. They also provide a safe environment to learn and practice good grammar and punctuation. Relax—you are never put on the spot, and you will even have fun! Participate in group discussions and revise lots of practice sentences. You receive a handy tip sheet outlining rules of punctuation and the most commonly mixed-up words.