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Speaker Sessions

For your next conference, meeting or lunch ‘n learn
When time is short, our interactive, hands-on speaker sessions are a great alternative to full- or multi-day workshops. These fast-paced sessions provide participants with tips, techniques and strategies for improving business communications.

Choose from the 60- to 90-minute sessions below or ask us about other available sessions. We are also pleased to customize a speaker session to meet the needs of your audience.

Speaker Sessions


Connecting Through Story
Learn how stories put life into your communications, giving you a better chance of keeping your audiences engaged and making your message memorable.

Email Etiquette
Find out how to use email with courtesy and professionalism by learning the principles of email etiquette. This session is information-rich and practical, and is delivered in an interactive, non-threatening environment.

The Four Paths of Communications
Gain valuable insights into how to enhance interpersonal communications and influence others. Take away tips and techniques for improving interaction with colleagues and clients.

Professional Business Writing
Our Business Writing speaker sessions addresses the top three most common business writing challenges. Choose one of these topics:

  • Learn to address the needs of your readers and write with purpose.
  • Learn to get to the point quickly and put your bottom line up front.
  • Learn to write in a modern and engaging style using the active voice.


Meeting Madness… Designing the Perfect Meeting
Explore how effective facilitators use their time and energy before a meeting to ensure the conditions for success are in place. Avoid meeting madness in the future by using our four-step process to design the perfect meeting.

Meeting Madness… Tools for Generating & Organizing Information
Take an in-depth look at facilitation tools available for generating and organizing information and helping groups reach meeting objectives. Learn how and when to use these tools and discover why more than one tool is often needed to achieve objectives.

Projecting your Personal Brand
Learn to project a strong personal brand through what you do, what you say and how you look.

Writing the Perfect Email
Discover how to avoid the most common pitfalls in email and make writing a strategic tool rather than an arduous task.