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Speaker Sessions and Webinars

For your next conference, meeting or lunch ‘n learn
When time is short, our interactive, hands-on speaker sessions and webinars are a great alternative to full- or multi-day courses. These fast-paced sessions provide participants with tips, techniques and strategies for improving business communications.

Choose from the 60- to 90-minute sessions below or ask us about other available sessions. We are also pleased to customize a speaker session to meet the needs of your audience.

Speaker Sessions and Webinars


Connecting Through Story (in-person or webinar)
Learn how stories put life into your communications, giving you a better chance of keeping your audiences engaged and making your message memorable.

Email Etiquette (in-person or webinar)
Email messages are so easy to send that many of us send way too many, way too often, with too little care. This practical session teaches you how to use email with courtesy and respect. Learn the principles of email etiquette in a lively, interactive session.

Speak on the Spot (webinar)
You can reduce your stress level and improve your professional image when speaking in public by using a simple process to respond with confidence. In this session, learn how to rise to the occasion when invited to speak in group settings—whether fielding audience questions during a presentation or making an impromptu speech.

Planning Your Meetings (webinar)
Busy people appreciate meetings that are well organized and efficiently run. Yet many of us feel our time is wasted in meetings that are poorly planned and executed. In this session, learn how to plan meetings that are shorter and more productive to make the best use of everyone’s time.


10+1 Grammar Rules Even Good Writers Break (webinar)
It’s a fact of life that people judge you when you make grammar mistakes in your writing or speech. If you want to enhance your credibility and gain respect, learn how to fix the most common mistakes that even good communicators make.

10+1 Tips to Have Better Conversations (webinar)
Consider how much time you spend having conversations in an average work week. Are you confident that all your communication is productive and strengthens your relationships? If you would like to ensure you spend less time clarifying messages and more time getting work done, this webinar is for you.

10+1 Tips for Presenters (webinar)
If you’re like most people, you probably dread having to present to a group. But presentations are here to stay—they’re a great way to share information, generate discussion and motivate your audience to act. In this session, learn 10+1 key presenting skills that will build your credibility, make a positive impression, and contribute to your personal and organizational success.

Top 10 Email Writing Hacks (webinar)
You’re not imagining it—you are sending and receiving more emails than ever thanks to working remotely. As we rely more and more on email communication, it’s more important than ever to write emails quickly and make sure they hit the mark.