10+1 Tips for Presenters

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Virtual (60 minutes)

Fee: Complimentary

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May 18, 2023

If you’re like most people, you probably dread having to present to a group. But presentations are here to stay—they’re a great way to share information, generate discussion and motivate your audience to act. Strong presentation skills build your credibility, make a positive impression, and contribute to your personal and organizational success.

At Wavelength, we understand that busy professionals like you need learning that fits into your busy workday. This 10+1 webinar is less than an hour long and provides 11 practical tips you can apply immediately to help you feel more confident when you present.

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Who should attend

This course is ideal for people who give presentations to small or large groups—either in person or virtually.

You’ll learn tips to

      1. Make your presentation interesting and relevant by being audience-focused
      2. Get to the point and capture your audience’s attention up front
      3. Create flow to help your audience follow your message
      4. Be ready to shorten your presentation on the fly without compromising your message
      5. Manage your nerves
      6. Anticipate impromptu situations and questions
      7. Make a credible first impression
      8. Move effortlessly to any slide
      9. Engage your audience through interaction
      10. Handle pushback using the 3-D technique
        Plus one
      11. Use your PPTs like a pro

What to expect

This webinar is fast-paced and interactive. Learn our best tips and have fun at the same time. You receive a tip sheet for reference and access to the recording of your session for 30 days.

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