10+1 Tips for Better Meetings

About this public webinar

Virtual (60 minutes)

Upcoming dates:

March 24, 2022

Busy people appreciate meetings that are well organized and efficiently run. Yet many of us feel our time is wasted in meetings that are poorly planned and executed. In this webinar, you learn tips to plan, lead and contribute to meetings that are shorter and more productive to make the best use of everyone’s time.

At Wavelength, we understand that busy professionals like you need learning that fits into your busy workday. This 10+1 webinar is less than an hour long and provides practical learning you can apply right away to make your meetings more productive.

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Who should attend

This 60 minute session is ideal for anyone who spends time in meetings, either as a participant or as a leader.

You’ll learn tips to

      1. Know if you need a meeting in the first place
      2. Establish a clear objective for your meetings
      3. Plan your meetings to save time in the long run
      4. Make it easy for others to prepare so time is used productively
      5. Create your agenda to stay on track
      6. Initiate strategic discussions
      7. Facilitate group decisions
      8. Open meetings effectively
      9. Close meetings effectively
      10. Include remote attendees
        Plus one
      11. Contribute as an attendee

What to expect

This webinar is fast-paced and interactive. Learn our best tips and have fun at the same time. You receive a tip sheet for reference and access to the recording of your session for 30 days.

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