Tips for Presenting to Executives

About this course

Presenting to the C-suite and other executive audiences can intimidate even the most polished presenter. To engage busy executives, you need to get to the point quickly. To be persuasive, you need to understand your audience so you can demonstrate the benefits of your recommendations from your audience’s point of view.

This webinar shows you how prepare for your executive presentations. You learn how to address what is important to your audience, capture attention with an engaging opening, use transitions to create flow, and close effectively for results.

Download course outline (virtual – 90-minutes)


Who should attend

This webinar is ideal for anyone who needs to make persuasive presentations to executives.

You learn to

  • analyze your executive audience to understand their specific needs
  • demonstrate the benefits to your audience
  • address key questions and concerns
  • get to the point quickly to make the best use of time
  • show presentation polish with transitions that create flow
  • open and close your presentation effectively