Getting Ready to Present

About this course

Good presenters know that preparation is the key to success. This virtual session helps you plan and develop content for your presentations that focuses on your audience’s needs. You take away a process and a framework you can use to prepare for any business presentation.

Download course outline (virtual – 90-minutes)


Who should enroll

This session is designed for people who have some experience presenting and want to increase their confidence in developing content for their presentations. It benefits anyone who gives informal presentations to small groups or formal presentations to larger audiences.

What you will learn

You leave this interactive session with practical strategies to:

  • engage your audience by understanding what they need
  • clarify your objective
  • generate content that is clear and interesting
  • quickly draft content
  • apply a reliable framework to quickly shape your message
  • design visuals to enhance your message
  • open and close your presentation memorably