Executive-Ready Presentations

About this course

In-person (2 days)
Virtual (modular, 12 hours)

Presenting to the C-suite and other executive audiences can intimidate even the most polished presenter. You must speak decisively about strategic issues and demonstrate confidence in your recommendations. You need aboveaverage delivery skills to get your message across quickly and clearly, and you need to be able to think on your feet when challenged or questioned. This course helps you plan and deliver strategic presentations that meet the expectations of your executive-level audiences. 

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Who should attend

This course is ideal for leaders who present to senior audiences, either in-person or virtually, and who need training provided virtually. 

This course is designed for six people to allow each participant to present to the group and give and receive meaningful feedback. We can accommodate up to 12 people by adding a second facilitator for modules 2 and 4. 

What you will learn

  • identify the unique expectations of executive audiences  
  • clarify your objective to keep yourself (and your audience) focused  
  • plan your message to ensure you include the right content and the right amount of detail  
  • open your presentations in a way that captures attention  
  • use your voice and body language to enhance credibility  
  • design visuals that support your message  
  • manage difficult questions and pushback from executive audiences  
  • add strength to your message through the appropriate use of analogy, anecdotes, and storytelling 

What to expect

This course is an enjoyable, hands-on learning experience. Come with a presentation you need to give on a topic of your choice. During the courseyou craft a clear, compelling message and learn how to deliver it with confidence. You have two opportunities to deliver your presentation and receive feedback from both your peers and the facilitator. In addition, you receive a recording of your presentation so you can evaluate your skills privately. You also receive a comprehensive digital manual, tip sheets and access to online resources for post-course use. 


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