Engaging Online Presence

About this course

Virtual (60 minutes or 3 hours)

Audiences tune out when virtual presentations and meetings are boring or impersonal. To engage, presenters need to adapt their in-person presentation skills to the unique needs of the virtual world.  

Effective virtual presenters connect with their listeners. They use presentation techniques and virtual tools to weave in interactivity. They bring their words to life with their voice and body language. They know how to look and sound professional in a virtual setting. If you want to improve your own virtual presentation skills, this course is for you. 

Download course outline (virtual – 60 minutes)

Download course outline (virtual – 3 hours)


Who should enroll

This session is designed for anyone who wants to improve their virtual presentation skills. You learn how to appear confident and professional, and how to engage and connect with your audience virtually.  

We suggest up to 15-20 participants. 

What you will learn

  • Weave interactivity into your presentation to make it lively and engaging 
  • Use virtual tools to facilitate participation 
  • Look professional by choosing the right lighting, clothing, and camera angle 
  • Use your voice and body language to project confidence  

What to expect

This course is an enjoyable, hands-on learning experience. We provide “softball” presentation topics, and you have an opportunity to present a mini talk on a topic of your choice and receive feedback from your peers.