Connecting Through Story

About this course

Our digital world is busy, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by information. How can we cut through the noise and communicate effectively? The short answer: storytelling. Research tells us people learn by relating a story to their own experiences. Stories bring people together, build relationships, and create context. Learn how stories put life into your communications, giving you a much better chance of keeping your audiences engaged.

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Who should enroll

This 60-minute virtual session is for people who want to translate complex material, stand out with an audience, gain credibility, or just help others understand and remember something. We can support a maximum of 100 participants in this session.

What you will learn

You leave this interactive session with practical strategies to:

  • identify types of stories and know when to use them
  • draw stories from your own experience to create a personal story bank
  • use a 3-step process and a storytelling template to craft an engaging story