Composing Your Presentation

About this course

Virtual (3 or 6 hours)

Good presenters know that preparation is the key to success. This virtual course helps you plan and write content for your presentations that is clear, persuasive and interesting. You take away a process and a framework you can use to prepare any business presentation.
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Who should enroll

This course is suitable for people who give informal presentations to small groups, as well as for those who deliver more formal presentations to larger audiences. While it is helpful for novice presenters, the course is also a great way for more experienced presenters to fine-tune their content-creating skills.

This course is designed for six people so each participant can present to the group plus give and receive meaningful feedback. We can accommodate 12 people by adding a second facilitator for the practice and workshopping sessions.

You’ll learn to

  • apply a flexible, reliable framework to quickly shape your message
  • clarify your objective to help you (and your audience) stay on track
  • decide what information and how much detail to include
  • open your presentations in a way that captures attention
  • design visuals with just enough content to enhance your message

What to expect

This course is an enjoyable, hands-on learning experience. Come with a presentation you need to give on a topic of your choice. You present once to the group and receive feedback from both your peers and the facilitator. You receive a recording of your presentation to evaluate your skills privately. You also receive a comprehensive digital manual and tip sheets for post-course use.