Minute Taking

About this course (1 day)

Excellent minute taking skills are key to ensuring that group decisions are correctly captured and are easy to act on. This minute taking training gives you the skills to take minutes during a meeting and write them in a way that accurately reflects what transpired in the meeting.

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Who should attend

This minute taking course is for anyone who needs to understand best practices in taking and writing minutes.

We suggest a maximum of 15 participants.

What you will learn

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Identify the responsibilities of the minute taker
  • Take effective notes during a meeting
  • Determine what information should be included in your minutes
  • Organize minutes to meet the needs of both attendees and those who missed the meeting
  • Write minutes for semi-formal and informal meetings that lead to action
  • Identify and handle common problems or obstacles to writing clear minutes

What to expect

We know that people learn best by doing, so this course gives you the opportunity to practice as you learn. You use your own sample documents to assess your minute writing practices and set learning goals. You participate in both group and individual learning projects and receive coaching from the facilitator. You also practice listening skills to take meeting notes using our template. Then you apply your new writing skills by drafting the minutes.

You receive a comprehensive manual containing templates, checklists and other job aids to help transfer your new skills back on the job.

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