Facilitating High-Impact Meetings

About this course (2 days)

Business people are spending more time than ever in meetings. If not facilitated well, meetings can become unproductive time wasters. This course helps you lead and facilitate effective meetings that achieve results. You learn how to plan meetings and how to manage the dynamics of a meeting so that you can tap into the abilities and experience of all attendees. The course helps you facilitate meetings that have the goal of solving problems, making decisions, generating new ideas or gaining commitment.

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Who should attend

This course is designed for people new to the role of meeting leader as well as for more seasoned leaders who want to move their facilitation skills to the next level.
We offer these courses to groups of 6 participants with one facilitator, or 12 participants with two facilitators. With this low learner/leader ratio, participants have over 30 minutes of filmed practice followed by feedback.

What you will learn

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Assess your skills as a meeting leader and set goals for improvement
  • Follow a 5-step process for designing and leading successful meetings
  • Clarify the purpose of each meeting and ensure buy-in from attendees
  • Establish ground rules to help meetings run smoothly
  • Open up discussion by asking effective questions
  • Choose the appropriate speaking style to encourage participation or to direct the conversation
  • Use brainstorming and recording techniques to elicit and capture creative ideas
  • Manage group dynamics and unblock a group when it becomes bogged down
  • Choose from a variety of facilitation tools to help groups identify options, make decisions and come to consensus
  • Manage conflict constructively

What to expect

In this course, you participate in several individual and group projects. As well, you have two opportunities to practice your group leadership and facilitation skills. We record your practice facilitations and give you a copy to take home. You also receive a comprehensive manual with useful job aids and other resources for post-course use.

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