Facilitating Better Meetings

About this course

Virtual (7 hours)

Busy people appreciate meetings that are well organized and efficiently run. Yet many of us feel our time is wasted in meetings that are poorly planned and executed. In this virtual course, you learn how to plan, lead and contribute to meetings that are shorter and more productive to make the best use of everyone’s time. You learn how to communicate and manage group dynamics so you can tap into the abilities and experience of all attendees.

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Who should attend

This virtual course is for anyone who spends time in meetings, either as a participant or as a leader. It is ideal for mixed groups as well as for intact work teams. We suggest a maximum of 15 participants.

What you will learn

In this course, you will learn to:

  • use a clear speaking style to express ideas succinctly
  • ask insightful questions and listen actively to encourage discussion
  • respond to challenging questions
  • manage group dynamics and handle conflict constructively
  • show respect for participants by practicing meeting etiquette before, during and after your meeting
  • clarify the objective of your meeting
  • plan the topics, activities and flow to make the best use of participants’ time
  • choose the right facilitation tools to gather ideas and make thoughtful decisions
  • deliver a clear opening and a satisfying closing
  • create an agenda that ensures participants come prepared

What to expect

This course is fast-paced and interactive. You participate in a series of group and individual activities to help apply what you learn to your back-at-work meetings. You also receive a comprehensive manual with practical resources and job aids for post-course reference. For a culminating activity, you practice leading a short meeting in a small group. You and your group members give and receive supportive feedback to build confidence and fine-tune your skills.

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