Your employees learn current, relevant skills that improve the quality of their reports, emails, presentations, and meetings. We deliver interactive virtual, blended, and in-person training.
Effective business writing skills are an asset for any organization and give your employees and your organization a competitive edge.
With strong presentation skills, your employees appear confident and credible when they represent your organization to clients, their colleagues and executives.
Whether facilitating a formal meeting or conducting a less formal face-to-face conversation, we help you stay on task and be productive.
Are you looking to train one or two people? Our public courses are a great option. You learn alongside other business professionals, benefitting from peer feedback and group exchange.


Coaching is a great option if you want training customized just for you and scheduled at your convenience.

We start by assessing your writing or presentations to determine exactly what you need. We teach you only what’s necessary and help you apply your new skills to your own writing and presentations.

Because coaching is so targeted, it tends to take less time. Often, three 2-hour meetings are enough to produce noticeable improvement.

It’s best to separate the meetings by a week to give you time to digest and apply your new skills.

communication skills coaching one on one