Diversity and Inclusion in Communication Training

by Jody Bruner

Diversity and inclusion, once optional, are now business imperatives. Learning and Development practitioners are uniquely positioned to advance diversity and inclusion efforts across their organization. One place to start is a close look at existing training programs. Are diversity and inclusion integrated into all learning programs? Are all learners accommodated? Can we do better?

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The Introvert Advantage

introvert presentationsby Linda Dunlop

Can introverts ace presentations? You bet we can! Case in point: Susan Cain, author of the runaway bestseller Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking. As a studious introvert, Cain spent seven years in her element, quietly working on her book. Then came the hard part—selling her ideas to audiences. Read more

How to Find and Use Stories in your Presentations   

presentation idea using storytelling

by Jody Bruner

Have you noticed that everyone is telling stories lately? Google “storytelling in business,” and you’ll find marketers telling brand stories, trainers using stories to drive their points home and structure learning events,  leaders telling stories to inspire and motivate, and presenters telling stories to bring dry content to life and engage their audiences.  Read more