“Amazing! You know your audience. This course gave me the tools to build some confidence in my writing.”

Luke G, Ernst and Young

“This was definitely a course of great value for all participants. While the audience had different levels of understanding, the course provided learning and insight for everyone.”

Jamie M, PwC

“Very informative. Provided great insight on how to develop a report that the audience wants to read.”

Kevin Shaw, CGS

“A great, simple approach to report writing. The handbook will become a bible for me.”

Rob Quinton, Manulife

“Great! Some things were reminders, a lot of new information. Great that we worked on our own examples.”

Kate Dinham, Pfizer

“The format the material was presented in was easy to follow and kept me engaged. The amount of time we spent on PowerPoint vs activities vs instructor speaking was perfect.”

Margaret Clarke, Manulife

“This course will assist me in getting my point/argument across clearly and easily to the various people I communicate with on a daily basis.”

Kyle B, Government of Ontario

“This course provides lots of tools to improve communication from email conversation to writing technical documents. This will improve my productivity.”

Nick W, CIBC

“Excellent! A great refresher on grammar and an exciting opportunity to learn to express myself in a positive, polite and professional way.”

Ashley Mino-Alvarado, Sunquest Vacations

“Great—I really found it valuable and will use it in many forums moving forward (personal, professional, oral, academic) I liked the action plan, the puzzles, energizers—multi-faceted teaching! It’s great!”

Brynn Winegard, Pfizer

“Excellent course, content and delivery. If I only retain 50% my writing should improve 1000%.”

Darrell Coote, Elections Ontario

“Very good course. Teaches you to be positive, get to the point. Makes you think what the reader wants to read.”

Matt Tarlton, Redpath

“The course was fun and informative. The instructor covered a lot of material in an engaging way at a good, manageable pace.”

Danielle V, PwC

“I found the session really helpful. I’ve already started using some techniques in the emails I’ve sent since… Everything was simple to implement, just small changes in the way you think about the process of writing. The one thing that was really new to me was the Speak function; I often get “review fatigue”, and having the computer read my work back to me is a great way to catch those last few errors… I will definitely attend more sessions in the future. It’s been quite a few years since I took your technical presentations course, and I am sure I could use a refresher.”

Anonymous participant

“The biggest lesson this Rep learned was placement of the call-to-action. Historically he made his meeting ask at the end of the email. In this case he led with the “ask” – something he attributed directly to Wavelength’s [Effective Business Writing online course].  Thank you and your team for making an impact for us. These are great reasons for us to continue working together.”


I would also like to share the Effective Business Writing course rates as one of the top five courses I have taken at and outside of RBC. The facilitator did a fantastic job, understood her audience and kept the course at an appropriate pace, even for myself with English as my fifth language. The interactions felt as I was in the same room as my colleagues in other locations globally. Would highly recommend this course be expanded to client facing staff.”

RBC Investor Services

“I just finished the “Email Writing for Results” workshop with Christine Fischer-Guy…  literally – about two hours ago… I wrote an engaging subject line in an email my boss.  She liked it!  She said it got her to the crux of the matter quicker. BTW: This was an excellent workshop.  I’ll be sure to refer your services when the opportunity presents itself!”

Kelly Rico, OMERS

“Based on the results we’ve seen, we have found that Wavelength’s courses are well worth the investment.”

Bruce Macgregor, York Region (Read full letter here)