Back in 1969, Wavelength started by helping business people communicate more easily, clearly, and persuasively. Our first workshops were delivered to oil field workers in Alberta. 

Fifty years later, we keep this vision alive by helping our learners wherever they work: in banks, governments, airports, mines, insurance companies, engineering firms, pharmaceuticals—you name it. After all, everybody benefits from better communication skills.  

Over the past 50 years, we’ve seen a lot of change. Back in ’69, managers had secretaries who transcribed shorthand on typewriters. They used whiteout to fix mistakes, carbon paper to make duplicates and stamps to mail external messages.  

Until 1975, you would have used 35 mm slides when you needed visuals in your presentation. By the mid 70s, we had acetate transparencies that could withstand the heat of overhead projectors. For visual appeal, we designed them with typewriters and Letraset transfers. Then we got PowerPoint. 

Today we have a plethora of communication tools and channels. No question, it’s an exciting—sometimes confusing—time to be communicating. We’re excited about the next 50 years of helping you

  • Achieve better, more consistent results through improved communication in any channel
  • Persuade your audiences to approve recommendations  
  • Increase productivity  
  • Strengthen relationships with clients, peers, leaders and stakeholders  
  • Influence others and get buy-in  
  • Project as a capable, confident contributor to the team. 

Thank you to our wonderful clients who have worked with us over the years to achieve outstanding results.

All the best, The Wavelength Team