Writing Effective Procedures

Writing Effective Procedures

About this workshop (2 days)

As business grows more complex, the processes that support it become equally complex. When processes are either undocumented or when they are poorly written, your organization cannot confidently maintain the quality your clients or regulators require. On the other hand, when procedures are clear and easy to follow, you can be confident anyone can perform them consistently.

This business procedure writing workshop helps you write and edit user-friendly procedures that lead to higher quality, fewer errors and greater compliance with regulatory bodies.

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Who should attend

This workshop is for people who need to write or edit procedures in administrative, technical or scientific environments.

We suggest 12 to 15 participants to allow for individual coaching.

What you will learn

In this workshop, you will learn to:

  • Assess your existing procedures and set goals for improvement
  • Analyze end user needs and determine how the procedures will be used
  • Clarify the objective of each procedure
  • Use a consistent framework to quickly build your content
  • Write clear, easy-to-follow steps using an action-oriented style
  • Choose the best format and layout so readers grasp concepts quickly
  • Test (vet) your procedures to ensure users can follow them correctly
  • Edit and proofread to ensure there is no ambiguity
  • Incorporate visuals into the text of your procedures

What to expect

We know that people learn best by doing, so this procedures writing workshop gives you many opportunities to practice as you learn. You participate in both group and individual learning projects and receive coaching from your facilitator. You bring samples of your own procedures to assess and pinpoint areas for improvement; as well, you plan and write a procedure so you can immediately apply your new skills.

You receive a handy laminated tip sheet and a comprehensive manual with valuable resources for post-workshop reference.


Build on your communication skills:

Writing Technical Reports
Technical Presentations
Scientific Presentations

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