Executive-Ready Writing

Executive-Ready Writing

About this workshop (1 day)

Senior executives don’t have time to dig through long reports to find conclusions and recommendations. They want to know the key issues, outcomes, solutions, payback and costs–and they want to find that information fast.

This executive writing workshop helps you develop the writing skills you need to communicate effectively with senior executives and the C-Suite. It gives you the tools to write concise emails and reports that answer your executive readers’ most important questions.

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Who should attend

This intensive workshop is for managers who need to produce executive-ready writing. It is ideal for Directors, AVPs and VPs who want to hone their strategic writing skills and enhance their professional image through effective written communication.

We suggest 12 to 15 participants to allow for individual coaching.

What you will learn

In this workshop, you will learn to:

  • Assess your current writing practices and identify areas for improvement
  • Analyze your readers and their information needs
  • Get right to the point–learn to write a crisp, informative executive summary
  • Write in a clear, concise style
  • Use a consistent framework to organize your documents
  • Decide on the right content and level of detail to support your case

What to expect

This workshop is fast-paced and intensive. Bring examples of your own documents to assess your writing and pinpoint areas for change. You participate in individual and group projects and learn a reliable process to help determine what information you need to include. Then you write a real document on a topic of your choice to immediately apply your new skills.

You receive a handy laminated tip sheet and a comprehensive manual containing examples, checklists and other job aids to help you transfer learning to your back-at-work writing.


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