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Instructor-Led and On-Demand

When you have a large team spread across different locations, our interactive instructor-led and on-demand training options are a great alternative to in-person workshops. These fast-paced sessions provide participants with tips, techniques and strategies for improving their business communications.

Choose from our existing virtual training and online learning options below. We are also pleased to customize our training to meet the specific needs of your target audience.

Virtual Courses



V – Grammar and Punctuation

Two 60 minute sessions (120 minutes)

Learn subject-verb agreement, noun-pronoun agreement, how to be gender neutral. Learn best practices for using apostrophes, commas and semicolons.

V – Professional Business Writing

12 hours

A writing course that covers it all. Learn to meet the needs of your readers and write emails and short reports that get to the point, and are clear, correct and concise. Also, learn how to give bad news diplomatically and make persuasive recommendations.

V – Procedure Writing

12 hours

Learn how to write and edit user-friendly procedures that lead to higher quality, fewer errors and greater compliance with regulatory bodies.

V – Plain Language Essentials

6 hours

This virtual plain language writing course shows you how to simplify your writing so all readers can understand and act on it with ease.

V – Executive-Ready Writing

9 hours

Develop the skills you need to convey bad news with diplomacy and persuasive recommendations to executives.

V – Business Writing Essentials

6 hours

Learn the business writer’s essential tool kit. It’s perfect if you want to learn how to get to the point and write emails and short reports that are clear, concise and readable.

V – Report Writing for Auditors

9 hours

This course shows you how to write complex documents that are easy for readers to understand and act on. It provides strategies and techniques to ensure your audit reports, recommendations, and project updates are clear, concise and persuasive.

V – Top 10 Email Writing Hacks

60 minutes

This flexible workshop is for anyone who writes emails. It will help you structure, compose, and send emails that get right to the point while getting the responses you need.

V – Email Etiquette

60 minutes

This webinar clearly lays out the principles of email etiquette and teaches you how to use email with courtesy and professionalism.

V – Report Writing

9 hours

Learn how to write complex documents that are easy for readers to understand and act on. It provides strategies and techniques to ensure your reports are clear, concise and persuasive

V – Email Writing Essentials

6 hours

This email writing course shows you when email is the best way to communicate and when to avoid it. Learn to write messages that are concise and to the point, and ensure your messages are clear and easy to respond to.

V – Report Writing for Municipalities

9 hours

This course provides strategies and techniques to ensure your policy reports, recommendations and project updates are clear, concise, and persuasive.



V – Getting Ready to Present

90 minutes

In this webinar, learn to assess your audience’s needs, quickly generate and draft content, apply a reliable framework to quickly shape your message, and design visuals that enhance your message.

V – Delivering Compelling Presentations

6 hours

Engaging the audience and conveying a clear, persuasive message is challenging for any presenter. You leave with the ability to give presentations that capture your audience’s attention and motivate them to act.

V – Connecting Through Story

60 minutes

Learn how stories put life into your communications, giving you a much better chance of keeping your audiences engaged.

V – Speak on the Spot

90 minutes

Learn the skills you need to field questions and speak off-the-cuff in meetings, presentations, and conversations.

V – Presenting to Groups

12 hours

It’s important to present with impact and confidence to achieve your business goals and advance your career. Learn the strategies and method you need to write a clear presentation; and engage, persuade and impress your audience every time.

V – Technical Presenting to Groups

12 hours

This course focuses on four pillars of presentation excellence: developing the right content, speaking confidently, interacting meaningfully, and using PowerPoint and other visual support. 

V – Engaging Online Presentations

3 hours

Audiences tune out when virtual presentations and meetings are boring or impersonal. To engage, presenters need to adapt their in-person presentation skills to the unique needs of the virtual world. If you want to improve your own virtual presentation skills, this course is for you. 

V – Scientific Presentations

12 hours

Scientists need to speak with impact and confidence to sound credible and convey the significance of their findings. They may also need to present scientific material to non-scientific audiences. You leave this three-part course with noticeably enhanced presentation skills and more confidence in your ability to speak in front of groups.

V – Executive Ready Presentations

12 hours

This course helps you plan and deliver strategic presentations that meet the expectations of your executive-level audiences.

V – Composing your Presentations

6 hours

This virtual course helps you plan and write content for your presentations that is clear, persuasive and interesting. You take away a process and a framework you can use to prepare any business presentation.



V – Making Virtual Meetings Work

6 hours

Given the amount of time we spend in meetings, we need to make them work better. This workshop helps you minimize the number of meetings you have, keep them shorter and make them more productive.

V – Facilitating High Impact Learning

12 hours

This course teaches the skills needed to deliver anything from 1 one-hour webinar to a multi-day course in both virtual and in-person instructor-led modalities.

V – Communicate With Impact

6 hours

Learn the listening and speaking skills needed to communicate clearly and concisely in one-to-one and small group conversations.


Our virtual approach

We take a practical approach and encourage participants to get work done while they learn. They use our techniques to plan and write a document or presentation on a topic of their choice. In this way, participants use their new skills before they leave the course so they can confidently apply them back at work. In addition, they bring samples of their own documents and presentations to privately assess their strengths and weaknesses. Then, with input from their course leader and peers, they set specific goals for change. 

All our virtual courses can be tailored by including customized examples and exercises. 

engaged learner in writing workshop

What to expect


Engaging activities 
Learning online is exhausting. We use Zoom and take full advantage of its interactive capabilities. We incorporate Chat, Polls, Breakout Rooms, Annotation and Hand Raising. Our participants are engaged with activities that help them learn and keep them engaged. 

A variety of learning methods
Participants won’t listen to boring lectures all day. They can expect mini-lectures, interactive activities, self-directed learning, private reflection, and workshopping to give and receive peer feedback. 

Our facilitators respect the knowledge and skills participants bring to the workshop. They draw knowledge from the group and provide additional information or expertise as needed. We encourage participants to answer questions from their own experiences. And when our facilitators share, they use real-life examples and personal stories to reinforce the learning. 

Build a common language
As a result of our writing training, learners return to work with a common language and a set of criteria that define good writing. They reinforce these criteria and language by giving each other feedback during the workshop. By sharing this language and criteria, your employees have a bond that can encourage ongoing improvements and lasting organizational change. 

A safe environment
We know people are sensitive about their writing skills. Our facilitators are adult-learning specialists who are skilled at setting a supportive environment that encourages participants to share. We respect the knowledge learners bring to the workshop and never publicly critique documents. 

Materials you’ll use long after the workshop is over
Our participants learn from materials that help them in the virtual classroom and support them back on the job. Takeaway materials include: 

  • digital manual that includes templates, examples and checklists 
  • Digital and fillable job aids for quick reference
  • Additional online writing resources 
writing benefits

How you benefit from better communication skills

Projects move forward
Readers get the information they need to make the best decisions and move projects forward. 

Readers actually read and listen
Readers are attracted to documents and presentations that capture their attention, state the purpose up front, and include just enough detail, including benefits. 

Your credibility grows
Good communicators display their competence, attitude and professionalism through the words they choose, the content they include and the design of their presentation or document. 

Productivity improves
Your team saves time by using a reliable process to produce better quality messages in less time; audiences save time when documentspresentations and conversations are clear. 

Misunderstandings and errors decrease
When messages are easy to understand, people make fewer costly mistakes. 

Relationships grow stronger
Good communicators anticipate and satisfy their audience’s needs and make them feel valued and respected.