Building Your Own Brand

Building Your Own Brand

About this half-day or 1-day workshop

Successful business professionals understand the importance of cultivating their brand and they build their brand with clarity, consistency and authenticity.

This workshop will help you develop a positive personal brand and present it with confidence. You will clearly define your brand and learn how to communicate it consistently. We will also explore how your behaviour and personal choices support the brand called “You” so that you can continue to develop and strengthen your image throughout your career.

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Who should attend

This workshop is for people who want to excel in their jobs and build successful careers. It is particularly appropriate for people who are in – or who aspire to – leadership positions.

We suggest a maximum of 15 participants for this workshop.

What you will learn

In this workshop, you will learn to:

  • See all interactions as an opportunity to build your own brand
  • Develop and define your personal brand with clarity
  • Assess the strengths of your personal brand
  • Communicate and build your brand consistently
  • Present your brand confidently
  • Build relationships with an authentic brand

What to expect

This workshop is fast-paced and enjoyable. You leave with a 30-Day Development Plan for continuing to strengthen and develop your personal brand.

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