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Presentation Skills

A presentation can mean the difference between success and failure. It can ignite your career or sabotage your future. A presenter can engage an audience or put them to sleep.

Presentations are a great way to share information and motivate people to act. With strong presentation skills, your employees appear confident and credible when they represent your organization to clients, their colleagues and executives. When they deliver presentations with a clear purpose and the content listeners need, your staff have a positive impact on their personal success and the success of your organization.

We provide group workshops and one-on-one coaching.

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In-Person Presentation Skills Workshops

Presenting to Groups

2-day workshop

Improve skills and gain confidence when presenting to internal or external groups

Building Your Own Brand

Half-day or 1-day workshop

Build your brand with clarity, consistency and authenticity

Scientific Presentations

2-day workshop

Develop presentation skills for scientific and non-scientific audiences

Delivering Compelling Presentations

1-day workshop

Deliver presentations that capture attention and motivate audiences to act

Executive-Ready Presentations

2-day workshop

Plan and deliver strategic presentations that meet the unique needs of executive audiences

Technical Presentations

2-day workshop

Develop presentation skills for technical and non-technical audiences


Our approach

We believe good presentation skills are not an art. Rather, they are skills that anyone can master. We provide participants with easy, reliable strategies to structure every presentation. We help them get to the point, avoid rambling and make their message easy to understand and remember.

And while a clear message is important, how you deliver that message is just as important. Audiences judge us based on factors that, in reality, have no bearing on our competence and knowledge.

In our presentation skills workshops participants learn how to:

  • Capture and keep their audience’s attention with their message, not slides
  • Present what their audience needs to know
  • Deliver their message with confidence
  • Interact skillfully with their audience

Whether your employees are new or experienced presenters, they benefit from the expert coaching and feedback they receive in our workshops.

Each workshop is tailored to a different type of presentation. Your employees can focus on polishing sales presentations, executive briefings, and technical or scientific presentations.

group work in presentation skills workshops

What to expect

A variety of learning activities
Participants learn to present by presenting. They have up to three opportunities (planned and impromptu) to deliver a presentation during a workshop. They work individually to develop their own presentations. Then they practice their presentation and receive feedback from their group and their facilitator on their content and delivery skills. The workshop facilitator records the practice presentations and participants receive a copy to take with them.

A safe environment
People are generally nervous to speak in front of a group. And, they often dread practicing new skills in front of peers. Our facilitators are experts at creating a safe and supportive learning environment. Participants know that they can share ideas, ask questions, try out new skills and take risks without fear of negative consequences.

Teams share a common language
As a result of our presentation skills training, learners share a common language and a common set of criteria. During the workshop, they practice giving each other feedback using these criteria, and after the workshop they continue to support one other. This encourages the transfer of learning and allows for real organizational change.

Reference materials
Learners value the workshop materials because they outlive the session itself. Participants tell us they consistently use our materials back on the job to create their presentations. Materials include:

  • A manual with templates, examples and checklists
  • Laminated job aids
  • A copy of practice presentations
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How you benefit from having effective presentation skills

Move projects forward
Good presenters know their purpose is to provide audiences with the information they need to make the best decisions and move projects forward.

Build your credibility
People make judgments about you and your organization when you present. Remember that you display your competence, your attitude and your professionalism through the words you use and the confidence with which you deliver them.

More sales
When you can confidently represent your company with a clear, persuasive message, you stand out from the crowd and have a better chance of winning new business.

An engaged audience
Good presenters use proven techniques to draw the audience in, hold their attention and encourage action.