Making Meetings Work

Making Meetings Work

About this workshop (1 day)

Most business people spend a lot of time in meetings, and not all of that time is productive. Whether you lead or participate in them, you can benefit from learning how to make your meetings more effective.

This workshop provides best practices for productive meetings and strategies for implementing them in your own meetings.

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Who should attend

This workshop is for people who spend 10% or more of their time in meetings either as a participant or as a leader. It is ideal for mixed groups as well as intact work teams.

We suggest a maximum of 15 participants for this workshop.

What you will learn

In this meeting skills training workshop, you will learn to:

  • Plan productive team meetings using a Meeting Planner and Action Agenda Planner
  • Capture highlights, decisions and actions from each meeting to ensure follow through
  • Manage common barriers to effective interpersonal and group communications to make your meetings more productive
  • Use effective communication and questioning skills to fully tap the creative resources of attendees
  • Listen actively to ensure attendees reach agreement and make quality decisions
  • Use a range of facilitation tools to help gather and organize ideas
  • Unblock the flow of constructive ideas when people become stuck
  • Manage your own group process and deal constructively with problems in group dynamics
  • Adopt best practices before, during and after meetings so that time spent is well invested

What to expect

The workshop is fast-paced and interactive. You have an opportunity to assess your own meeting practices and pinpoint areas for change. You participate in a series of group and individual projects, including a case study and meeting role play, where you practice strategies learned. And you walk away with a personal and a team action plan to help apply what you have learned to your back-at-work meetings.

You also receive a comprehensive manual with practical resources and job aids for post-workshop reference.


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