Facilitating High Impact Learning

Facilitating High Impact Learning

About this workshop (2 days)

Internal trainers and facilitators need to know more than just their content. They also need to be engaging instructors, masterful facilitators and polished speakers.

This workshop gives you the skills to deliver high impact learning sessions ranging from a one-hour lunch-and-learn to a multi-day training course. The workshop increases your confidence as a trainer and improves your ability to deliver new skills to your colleagues.

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Who should attend

This workshop is for new trainers or those who would like to improve their internal meeting presentation skills. It is appropriate for all trainers or subject matter experts who facilitate classroom training.

We offer these workshops to groups of 6 participants with one facilitator, or 12 participants with two facilitators. With this low learner/leader ratio, participants receive individual feedback on the training segments they deliver during the session.

What you will learn

In this workshop, you will learn to:

  • Assess your existing skill level as a trainer and set goals for improvement
  • Apply our helpful framework to quickly structure your message
  • Analyze learners’ needs, create a roadmap for your training sessions, and prepare helpful notes
  • Create an environment that is conducive to adult learning
  • Incorporate training techniques that meet the needs of all learning styles
  • Use strategies to generate discussion and encourage group participation
  • Give learner-centered instructions and constructive feedback
  • Use questioning techniques to reinforce the transfer of learning
  • Manage the dynamics of a group to encourage a healthy exchange of ideas
  • Manage difficult participants

What to expect

This workshop is an intensive and enjoyable learning experience. Come to the workshop with a training segment on a topic of your choice. You have two opportunities to deliver this training module and you receive feedback from both your colleagues and the facilitator. We record your practice sessions and give you a copy to take home. You also receive a comprehensive manual that includes many useful resources for post-workshop reference.


Build on your facilitation skills:

Presenting to Groups
Facilitating High Impact Meetings

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