Communicate with Impact

Communicate with Impact

About this workshop (1 day)

Consider how much time you spend communicating in an average work week. Are you confident that your communication skills are productive and strengthen relationships? If you would like to ensure you spend less time clarifying messages and more time getting work done, this workshop is for you. You learn the listening and speaking skills needed to communicate clearly and concisely in one-to-one and small group conversations.

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Who should attend

This workshop is for people who need to be purposeful, focused and succinct in their day-to-day business communications. It is also a useful workshop for intact work teams.

We recommend a maximum of 15 participants for this workshop.

What you will learn

In this workshop, you will learn to:

  • Assess your own listening and speaking skills
  • Apply a proven framework to plan and manage effective conversations
  • Overcome the common barriers that cause interference between speakers and listeners
  • Send messages that build relationships and convey corporate values and beliefs
  • Use a clear speaking style to express ideas succinctly
  • Adapt your speaking style for different people and situations
  • Package information to help listeners follow the logic of your message
  • Determine the appropriate content and level of detail for every conversation
  • Communicate effectively with people from four different behavioral styles
  • Use body language, eye contact and posture to demonstrate confidence
  • Ask insightful questions to probe for information
  • Listen actively to gather the right information

What to expect

This workshop is fast-paced and highly interactive. You participate in individual and group projects and have an opportunity to identify your own communications strengths. You’re up on your feet a lot, and take away new skills to enhance your ability to convey ideas more effectively.

You receive a comprehensive manual with several job aids and resources for post-workshop reference.

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