Should You be Branding Yourself?

branding yourselfby Leigh Geraghty

Most of us understand the benefits of branding our business—it helps build recognition, credibility, customer loyalty and a competitive edge. But what about branding yourself? What is personal branding, and why is it an increasingly important area of employee development?

Personal branding is how you define and portray yourself as a person and a business professional. Your brand expresses your interests, talents, personality and expertise. It portrays the person you are and the person you want others to see.

Personal branding benefits both you and your organization. A strong personal brand increases your confidence, raises your profile, and garners respect from your colleagues and customers. Since we’re inclined to trust people more than corporations, our personal brand ultimately reflects onto our organization.

Would your organization benefit from personal branding? Here are some reasons to consider training in personal branding:

Build credibility and trust

A strong personal brand can positively influence how you’re seen by your customers, colleagues and the people you lead. Credibility follows from your actions, and how you communicate and follow through. By defining your brand and then aligning your actions with it, you demonstrate that you’re credible and trustworthy. A strong brand helps you interact with your clients, colleagues and business leaders in a clear, consistent way that builds trust.

Develop self-confidence and self-esteem

A strong personal brand is built on your strengths. By taking stock of your attributes, you develop self-confidence and learn that you have something of value to offer. Furthermore, consciously maintaining a strong personal brand gives you an opportunity to build on your talents and motivates you to deliver on your promise.

Career development and succession planning

Defining your brand helps you showcase your expertise and manage your reputation. Your brand can help establish you as a leader, which opens doors to future opportunities. A clearly defined brand makes it easy for people who need you, to find you.

Improve employee engagement and productivity

A strong personal brand motivates people to take a stronger position on how they handle themselves and others, which strengthens business relationships, increases engagement, and improves productivity. People who have defined their personal brand try to behave in a way that’s consistent with their brand.

Consider offering personal branding growth opportunities in your workplace, such as our Building Your Own Brand workshop.


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